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EMC Unveils SSDs on Symmetrix

EMC jumped on the Solid State Disk (SSD) bandwagon today, adding the technology to its Symmetrix system in a bid to boost performance and further its "green storage" strategy.

The 3.5-inch flash memory drives, OEM'd from STEC, will be offered in addition to SATA and Fibre Channel drives within the Symmetrix DMX-4.

"You can run these flash drives as a 'tier zero' for high-performance applications," says Bob Wambach, senior director of storage product marketing at EMC, adding that 73-Gbyte and 146-Gbyte SSDs will be available later this quarter.

"We have been putting a substantial amount of effort into this over the last two years and there was a lengthy design and specification period," he told Byte and Switch. "We wanted to make sure that when these drives came over, we would have all the tiered storage software in place to support them."

Because SSDs use RAM or flash technology instead of traditional magnetic or optical media to store and access data, access speeds are typically much faster than traditional disk. Instead of 5 milliseconds for magnetic disk, SSDs can offer access speeds of as little as 20 microseconds -- eliminating I/O bottlenecking.

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