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EMC Soups Up Symm

NEW YORK -- EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) today ripped the wraps off its next-generation Symmetrix systems, called the DMX line, with which it hopes to reverse its decline in the high-end storage market (see EMC Launches Symmetrix DMX).

Joe Tucci, EMC's president and CEO, introduced the new product line at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Manhattan today. He said the Symmetrix DMX sets new industry benchmarks in terms of price, performance, and flexible deployment options.

"It's a fundamentally new architecture that we believe changes the industry," he said. "What we're offering is superior technology at market pricing."

The new Symmetrix family, available in three different models, is built around a dedicated, point-to-point, passive "matrix" architecture that EMC claims boosts its overall internal bandwidth to 64 GByte/s. That's 40 times greater than Symmetrix's previous bus-based architecture, which provided 1.6 Gbyte/s of aggregate internal bandwidth (see EMC Debuts Matrix Architecture and EMC Enters the Matrix).

Three years in the making, the Symmetrix DMX -- which stands for "Direct Matrix Architecture" [ed. note: guess the "architecture" part is silent] -- offers up to 128 direct, non-blocking connections within a single array, instead of the traditional bus or crossbar switch, which can become choke points in the data path.

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