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EMC Peels Back IIM

EMC has added more flesh to the bones of its Intelligent Information Management (IIM) strategy, but the vendor may face a challenge luring in some users.

EMC announced IIM a couple of months ago, touting the technology as a way to lock down firms' unmanaged data and get better control over back-end systems. Today, the vendor revealed more details of the software, which will classify and manage emails, metadata, and application data. (See EMC Intros IIM and De-Classifying Data Classification.)

IIM software combines different pieces of EMC technology, according to George Symons, CTO for information management at EMC's software division. But it will comprise a distinct, new piece of software. "The initial release is primarily around data movement," he told Byte & Switch, explaining that this could be, for example, shifting data from disk to tape or to a long-term archive.

Over time, different elements of EMC's products will be built into the IIM package, according to Symons. This will include repository management from Documentum, reporting capabilities from EMC's Smarts acquisition, file virtualization technology from Rainfinity, and encryption technology from RSA. (See EMC Cops Documentum, EMC Gets Smarts, EMC Acquires Smarts, EMC Refreshes NAS, SAN, and EMC Secures RSA for $2.1B.) All features will be bundled in one package.

At least one user isn't sold on this approach. Carl Follstad, manager of data management services at the University of Minnesota, warns that a single package of bundled functions isn't for everyone. "From an end-user perspective, it needs to be la carte -- users need to tackle the most urgent problem first," he explains, adding that he is currently focused on his digital archive.

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