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EMC Dives Deep Into Documentum

LAS VEGAS -- EMC is planning a whole host of Web 2.0 enhancements to its Documentum product line over the next 12 months, according to Mark Lewis, president of the vendors content management and archiving division.

“You will be amazed by the new levels of useability in the content management products we’re introducing, [and] also the use of Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures to connect our products together,” Lewis said during a presentation at EMC World yesterday.

EMC has more than 100 different products within its sprawling Documentum family, but Lewis identified four key areas where the vendor will focus its efforts. These are: transactional content management, information compliance, enhanced features for "knowledge workers," and interactive content management.

Transactional content management
Advanced data capture features will be added to Captiva in the third quarter of this year, enabling users to capture more data from both digital and traditional print forms. Also during the quarter, the vendor will unveil version 6.5 of its TaskSpace workflow software, containing a new user interface and something called Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), which aims to boost workflow efficiency.

This will be followed, in the fourth quarter, by "Project Athena," which Lewis described as the vendor’s “next-generation” capture technology -- clearly a souped-up version of Captiva.

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