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EMC, Compaq Swap APIs

has given Compaq Computer Corp. (NYSE: CPQ) first dibs on some of its precious application programming interfaces (APIs).

The move is the first step in EMC's "Widesky" initiative, announced last week, under which it plans to allow its Control Center software to manage other vendors' storage kit (see Compaq, EMC to Cross-License APIs and EMC Goes Soft).

Under the terms of the cross-licensing agreement, EMC and Compaq will swap upper-level management APIs for the EMC Symmetrix and Compaq HS G-80 storage systems. This will enable management software from either company to discover either firm's storage arrays on a network.

The management systems also will be capable of sharing health check information. If theres a problem on the G-80, the Symmetrix software will be able to detect it, and visa versa.

And that’s about as deep as this “friendship” goes so far.

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