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Electric Cloud, VMware Integrate

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Electric Cloud, the leading provider of Software Production Management (SPM) solutions, today announced an integration with VMware Lab Manager. VMware is the leader in virtualization software. Electric Cloud's ElectricCommander™ will be integrated with VMware Lab Manager to deliver dynamically provisioned virtual machines for the software build-test-deploy process. VMware Lab Manager automatically sets up and manages virtual machines and infrastructure, while ElectricCommander automates the software development processes that run on them. The integrated solutions will deliver a “push button” environment for software build, test, and deploy tasks using heterogeneous tools in virtualized environments. This will translate to faster time to market, better software quality and higher productivity for development organizations as well as reduced IT infrastructure costs.

“In recent research, we found that organizations reported an average reduction in their development and testing costs by as much as 50 percent per project through the use of virtualized solutions such as VMware Lab Manager,” said Voke’s Theresa Lanowitz. “And our research in the area of software production management shows that productivity was increased by as much as 12 times when using software production management tools. The combined value of these solutions is dramatic – every development organization should be addressing virtualized software production in their lifecycle strategy.”

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