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Ed Chapman, VP, Product Management, Data Center Business, Cisco Systems

After three years in the storage business, Cisco is not ready to throw in the towel.

Instead, Cisco storage VP Ed Chapman insists the company is as serious as ever about storage. Chapman says talk that Cisco is losing interest in storage is unfounded. (See Cisco Distracted?)

There’s no credence to that,” he says. “We are here for the long run, and we're continuing to make new investments in that area.”

Since getting into storage, Cisco has had decidedly mixed results. It has taken enough market share to make rivals McData and Brocade feel the pinch a bit, but has hardly steamrolled the competition. Cisco's storage revenues remain inconsistent as it strives to build momentum.

While Cisco has made strategic decisions to widen its storage presence in areas such as WAFS, virtualization, and InfiniBand, it appears to be lagging in its Fibre Channel switch progress. (See Cisco Acts on Actona, Cisco Chomps FineGround, and Cisco Topspins Into Virtualization.) There's still no sign of its 4-Gbit/s director, the Cisco MDS 9513, more than six months after Brocade started shipping one. There’s also been a brain drain, with a bunch of the executives who played a major role in developing the Andiamo switches that formed the basis of Cisco's storage offering having moved on. (See Cisco Names Data Chief, Cisco 4-Gbit Director MIA, and Andiamo Vets Go 'Nuova'.)

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