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E-Voting Glitches Examined; Reform Push Planned

Voting advocates and computer experts are examining scattered reports of glitches in e-voting machines and planning to call for reform.

About 16,000 voters called a nationwide voter hotline to report complaints or concerns on Election Day, according to Common Cause.

An early analysis showed that the highest percentage of callers (21.3%) complained about difficulties with registration. Those included motor voter programs failing to transfer registrations to elections boards as well as purging of registration lists. Only 6.2% dealt with voter identification, an issue propelled into the spotlight because of several state laws that were overturned and reports that poll workers in a handful of states had turned away, or tried to turn away, several high-ranking elected representatives for insufficient identification.

An analysis in the late afternoon Tuesday showed that 16.9% of the calls focused on mechanical failure, which is likely to be one of several components in a push for voter reform as the 2008 presidential election approaches.

Chellie Pingree, president and CEO of Common Cause, said during a press conference Wednesday that equipment-related problems resulted from lack of poll worker training, missing components, and machines' failure to register the right choice of candidates.

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