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E-Mail 101

Does your organization have in effect an Intranet? If so, do you take the appropriate measures to ensure that the word about new information is distributed to your organizational members?

Believe it or not, many organizations haven't learned to communicate. E-mail is probably the most cost-effective way to communicate with your end-users. But first, lets have a lesson from Prof. Spivak's Marketing 099 class.

The Internet has four methodologies for communicating. Push, Pull, Hybrid and a combination of both these techniques.

Pull: Your Web site is an example of a Pull technology. If a user doesn't explicitly go to the Web site and pull (download) the information, they will never see it. This is why we advertise on the Internet.

Push: E-mail is an example of Push. You send the e-mail to the intended recipient, and they receive (download) the information. Spam notwithstanding, your reader hopefully has the full content.

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