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DSL Woes, Help and Progress

Okay, we are finally making some progress. We have employed a systems administrator who has some time off between jobs right now to do some of the work in the Lab. His name is Mike Brandenburg, and he is doing installation and that essential "polishing" that our poor NWC Inc infrastrcture needs. It's a limited contract, but Mike will be able to help us get things done that Lori and I have been unable to get done due to our regular magazine workload.
The next thing is that our DSL from Choice One communications has been installed! 1.5mbps up and down. Its sweet. We had some initial problems getting it installed. The installer came unannounced and simply asked around if "anyone was expecting DSL". Well, low and behold, the new State Farm Insurance agent on the first floor was expecting a DSL install soon, too. Well to make a long story short, he had our DSL for a short while. Dennis, the State Farm agent, was excellent about it when we realized what had happened, and Choice One came out and ran the line into our suite instead. An honest mistake, but one that delayed our DSL install by a week.
Still in talks with Cisco about the switching environment, we should know more about that soon. We are also talking with folks at CellAntenna ( about getting a cellular repeater for our lab. Being in the basement as we are in the mighty East Port Center we have almost no cell reception in the lab. I will let you know what happens with that. Thats all for now, with Mike onboard giving us a hand, there should be a lot more updates as we go. Take care, all.