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Documentum Puts on a Microsoft Face

EMC is boasting an alliance with Microsoft that should enable users of SharePoint and Office products to automatically tap into Documentum as they go about their business. (See EMC, Microsoft Team.)

No biggie, you say? Weren't these capabilities available from third-party ISVs before this?

Not exactly. Certainly EMC and others have long supported links between Office and SQL Server and Documentum. And EMC has emphasized its ties to Microsoft for years, however mundane those may be in reality. (See EMC Cozies Up to Microsoft, EMC Kisses Microsoft's NAS, EMS Simplifies Storage , and EMC Intros Suite .) But now, EMC plans to support SharePoint for the first time, offering by the first quarter of 2007 two Documentum features called "Content Services" and "Archive Services" for Microsoft's SharePoint 2007, which also is set for release at an unspecified date in the first quarter of next year.

Basically, EMC will enable SharePoint users to make Documentum a Web service accessible from SharePoint. At the same time, via a bit of mapping through a Documentum GUI, users be able to add Documentum materials to the repository available in SharePoint.

EMC will also certify existing links to other Microsoft wares. Documentum will support SQL Server 2005 and MS Office 2007.

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