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Dispatches From India

Originally Published in Network Computing Blogs

I'm writing this from India, where I'm tagging along with a group of IT professionals from Network Computing's parent company, CMP Media, and its London-based owner, United Business Media, as they investigate outsourcing opportunities.

One of the first places we visited was HCL, a large infrastructure-management firm. Getting there was no picnic. Heard horror stories about traffic in India? They're all true. The modus operandi is to honk, floor it and ask questions later.

HCL brought in $2.7 billion (U.S.) in revenue last year. Its infosystems division manufactures and brands its own computers for the Indian market and represents about $1.7 billion of the total revenue. Its technologies division is the remote infrastructure-management arm.

We'll be meeting with other remote infrastructure-management firms during this visit, and I'll share more of those experiences in future issues. For daily updates on my trip to India, check out my blog . Right now I need to get some sleep--it's been a rare commodity since I left Syracuse.