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Diskeeper Eases Virtualization

EAST GRINSTEAD, U.K. -- Diskeeper Corporation today announced a new breakthrough from the R&D labs, maximizing virtualization performance, with zero-overhead. The innovators in performance and reliability technologies will operate their proprietary InvisiTasking technology on popular virtualization platforms. This will allow software solutions based on this technology such as Diskeeper®, to greatly increase I/O performance and overall reliability throughout the virtual enterprise.

InvisiTasking is the processing technology behind the real-time operations found in Diskeeper software. It is this technology that sets Diskeeper apart from all utilities, as InvisiTasking prevents the background process from ever interfering with application and operating system use of computer resources.

“InvisiTasking has been a ground breaking life saver for thousands of IT professionals,” said Mr. Gary Quan, Chief Technology Officer, Diskeeper Corporation. “As corporations move to virtual desktops and servers, they are challenged with the added I/O overhead that multiple systems impose on shared disk subsystems. Our customers value Diskeeper on virtual machines to eliminate unnecessary I/O, thereby greatly freeing up their hardware to focus on business needs. So, we are very excited with this breakthrough that will afford zero-overhead technology to improve the performance of virtual machines.”

Diskeeper Corp.