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Digi-Data Hires Hinton

COLUMBIA, Md. -- Digi-Data Corporation has named Walter Hinton as vice president of corporate development. Hinton is credited with key roles in the creation of the storage networking and internet storage services markets, and will be responsible for Digi-Datas strategic direction and key technology partnerships.

“As a developer of high capacity disk systems, the company is uniquely positioned to control both technology and cost factors, compared to other online storage providers,” says Hinton. “Digi-Data has all of the vital components for sustained growth. Leveraging a strong financial history, an abundance of intellectual property and both data storage and vaulting expertise, my job will be to harness these strengths and align them with current and emerging markets.”

Prior to joining Digi-Data, Hinton was CEO and founder of Zen Mountain Technologies, a storage services firm focused on consulting and Web 2.0 storage intellectual property. Walt was also the founding CTO for ManagedStorage International and Incentra Solutions, a multi-national conglomerate of storage products and managed services. Hinton was chief strategist for StorageTek and a founder of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA).

“Walter has an extremely successful track record as a visionary and agent of change. Utilizing his ability to define and execute strategy, we look forward to taking Digi-Data to the next level. His experience and energy will clearly accelerate our momentum as an internet storage company,” says Dennis Cindrich, president and CEO of Digi-Data.

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