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'Did You Call Me Last Week?'

5:50 PM -- Maybe it's me, but connecting with storage suppliers appears to be getting tougher, not easier. You'd think a few years covering the storage beat would help grease the wheels, but in fact, it appears to make them move more slowly than ever -- with a horrible grinding noise.

Case in point: One morning last week, I called up a storage supplier, who shall remain nameless. Would there be a chance that he could offer a comment on his product for an upcoming story?

That was Thursday. Early Monday morning, the supplier phoned to offer his comment.

"You called me last week about... But I was in Europe." Sadly, he didn't leave that info on his voicemail. Needless to say, the article went on without him.

Another morning last week, I read with interest news of the affiliation of two storage-related industry groups, one of which has four letters in its name, starting with "S." Quickly, I dialed up the contact given in the release and left a few questions on voicemail. I followed up with email.

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