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Dethroning the "SPAM King"

Ah, Stanford Wallace -- remember him? Stanford's in hot water for sending out his unwanted emails, as well as illegally installing spyware and other malicious programs into millions of computers. Then, with as much chutzpah as he could muster, the "SPAM King" would offer "spyware removal" programs to the masses.

Well the first step to showing Mr. Wallace the error of his ways has come to pass. A Judge has placed a temporary restraining order upon the SPAM-meister, ordering him to cease and desist all activity.

This may not seem like much, but its still an important step -- one of many.

The eventual goal is no doubt to see Mr. Wallace paying an exorbitant fine, as well as perhaps spending some quality time as a guest of New Hampshire's finest correctional institutions, where the only SPAM he'll get to deal with is the stuff on his cafeteria tray.