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Dell Preps for Long Haul

For better or worse, Dell, its customers, and partners will have Michael Dell kicking around for a few more years.

Dell made it clear that he is not an interim CEO in a letter to Dell employees last week -- a letter that made its way into The Austin American-Statesman and around the Internet. In the note, Dell outlined a Grinch-like recovery plan that eliminates bonuses this year while limiting spending and bureaucracy inside the company. Dell also calls for his company to become a technology leader.

We are not doing a COO or CEO search. I plan to be CEO for the next several years,” wrote Dell, who returned to the post when the board fired Kevin Rollins last week. (See EMC Loses Ally in Rollins.)

In exhorting his team to fight the “new enemy: bureaucracy,” Dell wrote: “I am asking each of you to look across your organizations and eliminate redundancies, think about what is best for Dell, and provide the clarity and focus of leadership that we need.”

He also outlined a few staffing changes, but said the product groups will remain largely unchanged. As for storage, it appears status quo. “We will continue to build the Server/Storage business,” Dell wrote, in the only mention of storage. He also vowed to grow SMB-related businesses, a segment Dell has targeted for a storage push in recent months. (See Dell, Microsoft Push Storage.)

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