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Defending Against Worm Wave Tough Task

While hackers bicker back and forth, all users want is an end to the torrent of worms that's clobbered the Internet this week.

While it's not difficult to stymie one worm, it's a different story when that one becomes a legion, a tsunami that just keeps coming, said security analysts Thursday as they offered up advice on how to handle waves like this week's.

Unfortunately, said Ken Dunham, the director of malicious code research at iDefense, "there's no single magic bullet and no comprehensive patch against all of these new worms."

Chris Potter, an analyst at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the U.K., agreed. "Anti-virus software alone doesn't solve the problem."

That's not surprising, what with the sheer number of worms that have struck in the last seven days: 16 by Network Associates' count, including 9 Bagles, 4 Netskys, 2 MyDooms, and 1 lonely Hiton.

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