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Deciphering IBM's Data Strategy

IBMs decision to launch a whole slew of storage products in one fell swoop yesterday was an interesting move, particularly at a time when other vendors are only too happy to stretch their news out in the hope of garnering more attention.

By launching a total of 30 different hardware, software, and services offerings, IBM nonetheless risks adding an additional layer of confusion to users’ already complex purchasing schedules.

“We chose to do it this way because we want to make the point about the larger picture,” said Charlie Andrews, director of product marketing for IBM’s systems storage group, alluding to the vendor’s grandiose "information infrastructure" vision.

The vendor is attempting to shift its focus away from individual products, preferring instead to tout product bundles at four key areas: compliance, availability, retention, and security.

“[This is about] broader-based solutions, rather than specific technology offerings,” explained Andrews, adding that all yesterday’s announcements, including enhancements to its DS8000 array, fit this criteria.

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