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DDB Offers Monthly Backup

TORONTO -- Data Deposit Box is pleased to announce a revamped price offering, whereby small office and home office users can back up their computer online for only $2 per gigabyte per month. Effective immediately, this simplified pricing structure is designed to provide customers with an easy and affordable way to ensure online backups are always up to date.

With no limit to how much data you can back up, customers simply pay $2/GB for the storage they use. Previously, a typical DDB customer storing 1GB of data would have received a bill for about $10 per month. Under this new plan, the same amount of storage will cost only $2. Similarly, a customer backing up 4GB will see their bill drop from $19 to just $8 per month. As before, there is no additional charge for adding multiple user accounts or for backing up multiple PCs.

"I am backing up 3 systems and approximately 2.2GB with Data Deposit Box," says Michael Sasse of Commonwealth Roofing Corp. "This new price means my online backup bill will now be less than $5 per month. For worry-free dependable data backup that’s easy to access from anywhere, choosing DDB has been one of the easiest business decisions I have ever made. It was worth it before, but now with the drastically reduced rates, it makes for an even better deal."

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