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DataCore Aces Test

DataCore Software Corp. is hoping to win a little more respect with the release of benchmark test results that show its Windows-based storage virtualization software absolutely smokin' -- delivering higher I/O throughput than much more expensive storage arrays.

DataCore's SANsymphony software not only delivered the highest I/O numbers to date on the industry-standard Storage Performance Council benchmark, but did it with a much lower price tag than other vendors. The company's software, running on three Dell Computer Corp. (Nasdaq: DELL) servers, delivered top throughput of 50,000 I/O operations per second (IOPS) on the SPC-1 benchmark, using a configuration with a total price of about $310,000 (see DataCore Touts SPC Test).

According to DataCore, the results show that its software handily outperforms pricier storage systems from Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ), IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM), LSI Logic Storage Systems Inc., 3PARdata Inc., and Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW), which have released SPC-1 benchmark results (see Sun Guns Midtier Box, 3PAR Claims Benchmark Title, HP Fiddles With Cache, and LSI Screams Past IBM, Sun).

The company isn't necessarily trying to compete head-to-head with storage array vendors -- rather, it wants to use the SPC-1 results to demonstrate that it's not a bottleneck in the SAN.

"We're in the area of consolidating and automating storage, so people want to know, 'Hey, if you put DataCore in this role, what's the impact?' " says Augie Gonzalez, director of product marketing at DataCore. "As this test shows, the impact is: We turbo-charge performance... The information is absolutely compelling and there's no way to argue against it."

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