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Data Domain Joins Green Grid

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Data Domain (NASDAQ: DDUP), the leading provider of deduplication storage systems for enterprise disk backup and network-based disaster recovery, today announced that the company has joined The Green Grid. As a member of the consortium, Data Domain will help promote the adoption of energy efficient standards, processes, measurements and technologies in conjunction with the application of data deduplication technologies in data centers.

The Green Grid is a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems. The consortium's scope includes collaboration with other industry groups and government organizations worldwide to ensure that each organizational goal is aligned with both developers and users of data center technology.

"Customers everywhere are heavily impacted by the growth of data," said Beth White, Vice President of Product Marketing for Data Domain. "In certain regions and cities, data center power requirements are outstripping power grid capabilities to the point where some data centers are even being forced to move. Storage represents a significant portion of a data center's overall power drain, so data deduplication's 'green-effect' is pivotal. Data Domain technology is exceptionally green because redundant data is eliminated before it is ever stored to disk. Fewer disks means less cooling, less power consumption and less footprint. We're really pleased to be part of The Green Grid effort and look forward to collaborating with both industry peers and The Green Grid to help guide end users toward more power efficient application of storage technologies."

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