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Data Center Boom Could Be a Bust

MARLTON, N.J. -- OnPATH Technologies, a leading provider of automated Layer 1 connectivity solutions that enable companies to virtualize their physical infrastructure layer, today responded to recent studies forecasting an upcoming data center construction boom. Surveys from organizations such as Campos Research have indicated that up to 50% of respondents plan to either expand or build entirely new data centers over the next two years, but all of this construction could be in vain if proper consideration is not given to the physical layer.

"It's a problem we continually see. Data centers reach the capacity limit of their physical network infrastructure, which is then further exacerbated by planned and unplanned moves, adds, and changes of cables and equipment." said Peter Dougherty, president and CEO of OnPATH Technologies. "Over time, a rat's nest of optical and copper networks is inevitably created and companies face the reality of building a new data center or investing even more resources into a bigger version of the same model. Both are done without considering the root issue - and it all can be avoided if the physical layer network infrastructure is properly addressed in the planning stages."

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