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Daily Spin: The Very BEST Way to Get Rid of Spam

From the Labs
The Very BEST Way to Get Rid of Spam

We all live with spam these days, and most of us live with spam filters too. Whether you find spam filters a bane or a boon probably depends on how many false positives they turn up. Network Computing tested spam filters last year (Review: Spam Filters ) and found them effective for taking a bite out of spam. But we were left feeling that mere spam filters come up a bit short.

So we sent reviewer Christopher Beers back into the lab to take the next step and examine e-mail authentication techniques. The short story is this: if you can accurately identify who has sent you an e-mail, it's much more likely that the e-mail is legitimate. In particular, such techniques make it harder for spammers to fake a "from" address or use a malware-infected PC to send out bulk spam.

Overall, we looked at three e-mail authentication techniques in quite a bit of detail. Here's a crib sheet to help sort through our findings:

Sender Policy Framework, or SPF

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