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Daily Spin: Building Towards IE 7

From the Labs
Building Towards IE 7

When you think about it, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has really had an interesting history. It showed up late to the game and in typical Microsoft fashion was a non-starter in its earliest versions. Next, Microsoft got serious and threw in a bunch of junk nobody really wanted -- ActiveX controls and push channels, for example -- until it finally beat the original Netscape browser at its own game by simply performing better (and it certainly didn't hurt to be ubiquitously distributed -- but that's another story).

More recently, IE has completely stalled capability-wise allowing browsers like Opera and especially Mozilla' Firefox to win the feature game (if not exactly the market share war).

Now, with Internet Explorer 7.0, Microsoft is trying to win the tech battle as well. We've already taken several in-depth looks at IE 7 in development, but the latest revie -- of builds 5296, part of Windows XP Service Pack 2; and Build 5308, part of the upcoming Windows Vista -- finds the browser showing significant improvements. So what's new and notable?

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