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Cut Prices

The pricing will get only worse, judging from a survey I recently received from Adobe Systems, which has entered into an agreement to acquire Macromedia. Based on the choices offered in the survey, a "useful" suite of tools would approach $2,000--not something I'd be willing to pay. I hope the pricing folks are listening!

Don M. Culbertson
Business Owner/Software Developer
Company name and e-mail address withheld by request

Rob Preston should know better than to say "it's virtually impossible for an RFID wearer's identity to be stolen or for the individual to be tracked illegally" ("RFID Makes Waves", July 7). His words remind me of Oracle's "unbreakable" claim.

Don't get me wrong: RFID is an enabling technology. But let's start with the simpler deployments first. RFID has yet to be deployed widely in the retail arena, where it really makes sense. So isn't it premature to talk about tagging kids?

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