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CryptoMill, Seagate Partner

TORONTO -- CryptoMill Technologies(R) today announced that it
is offering management solutions for Seagate's encrypting notebook hard drive,
Momentus 5400 FDE.2, using CryptoMill's endpoint data security solution -
SEAhawk. The CryptoMill-Seagate solution addresses the critical need in the
marketplace to protect against the real internal and external data security
threats that organizations face from loss or misuse of sensitive information
on laptops and mobile storage devices.

    81% of companies reported the loss of one or more laptops containing
    sensitive information during the past 12 months. - Ponemon Institute,

Data breaches have become the most critical security issue enterprises
face today, as a result of endless losses and thefts of laptops and removable
storage devices. As users rely on laptops and mobile storage devices the
potential for data loss continues to grow. These threats have stirred
attention at the highest level among worldwide regulators, industry bodies and
heads of global corporations. There is a growing need for more comprehensive
and complete solutions to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of core
data in enterprises.

Seagate Technology is a market leader and independent maker of hard
drives used to store data. Seagate's DriveTrust(TM) technology provides hard
drive-based full disk encryption that automatically encrypts all data written
to the disk without any performance impact to computer systems. The level of
security Seagate's DriveTrust technology brings to the commercial market is
unprecedented. It marks the beginning of a new way of thinking about the
capabilities of the hard drive, beyond just storage, to address the current
environment of data breaches and identity theft.

CryptoMill's relationship with Seagate ushers in a new era of data
protection for laptops and mobile storage devices. It brings to the
marketplace for the first time, a complete data security solution - one that
is beyond encryption, and addresses both internal and external security
threats. CryptoMill's SEAhawk will offer transparent management of the
market's leading secure, encrypting hard drive, Seagate Momentus 5400 FDE.2,
to achieve maximum benefits with minimum complexity. SEAhawk will provide
enterprise-class key management and recovery, as well as integration with user
management services in Microsoft(R) Windows(R) and Active Directory(R).

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