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CRU-DataPort Intros New Version

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- CRU-DataPort, a global
leader in data security and data mobility products, today announced
the new SAS/SATA Data Express DE75, an updated version of the popular
StorCase Data Express DE75, a low-profile removable hard drive
enclosure used to hot-swap hard drives mounted in workstations and
servers deployed worldwide by government, military, commercial and
industrial customers.

"The DE75's low profile design makes it easier to fit more storage in
space constrained areas from data centers to airplanes and ATMs," said
Jon Johnson, executive director of marketing for CRU-DataPort.
"Supporting SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and SATA (Serial ATA)
technology enables much faster data processing, scalability and
higher performance."

The Data Express DE75 is a rugged steel-constructed drive carrier and
receiving frame for internally mounting a 3.5" hard drive into any
standard or undersized half-height, 5.25" peripheral bay, making it
hot-swap ready. Designed to dissipate the heat produced by
high-performance drives, the DE75 is also equipped with drive
activity and SCSI ID indicators, and a key lock for security.
Applications include RAID, Data Security and Transporting, Backup,
Testing and Audio/Video Editing.

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