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CRM on the Fly

Clientele offers more than just a log of support calls tied to an organizations' customers and products: It provides a rich forum for managing customer and group relationships while tying RMAs (return-merchandise authorizations) and service agreements to other managed entities. The robust interface lets you manage both your external and enterprise customer base, includes access to supporting documentation and allows on-the-fly administration.

Clientele comprises client, Web services, licensing and database components. The server-side components (license server and Web services) can reside on the same machine as the required SQL 2000 database, provided you have Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) Web server installed.

  • Interface use requires almost no training.
  • GUI is responsive.
  • Simple customization using Visual Studio .Net

  • Installation and configuration may take a whole day.
  • No rogue OSs allowed--this product is Microsoft-only.
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