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Content Classifiers Glom Onto Google

A growing roster of companies specializing in data classification and search are looking to Google to help them enhance their wares -- and vice versa. The results could boost IT pros' ability to find and manage stored information -- as long as the suppliers follow through.

Today, for instance, startup Mathon Systems unveiled plans to integrate its data forensics software with Google's Search Appliance, as part of Google's Enterprise Professional Program. (See Mathon Joins Google.)

Mathon's software, called Integral, runs on x86 Windows or Linux servers to locate more than 250 metadata items in content situated on other servers and NAS arrays. This metadata is used to audit, classify, and control images, spreadsheets, and a range of other documents. For example, an audit trail is set up to include details about the location of documents, who has worked on them, and when. Policies can be set up to obtain data, to issue reports on it, and to control access to it.

By paying its $10,000 to sign up with Google, Mathon hopes to enhance these capabilities for a specific segment -- enterprises in financial services. (See Google Bangs Application Drum and Google One-Ups Intranet Search.)

"We'll feed our metadata into Google for more sophisticated searches," says Mathon CEO and cofounder Angus MacDonald. He says Mathon execs have identified financial companies that are either using or intend to use Google's Search Appliance on their corporate Intranets. While he's not revealing which ones Mathon's targeting, Google's Website reveals 14 financial customers for its enterprise products, including the Search Appliance. These include American Express, Bank One, the Chicago Board of Trade, GMAC Commercial Mortgage, Royal Bank of Canada, Sequoia Capital, and Bancorp Bank, to
name a few.

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