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ClearCube Launches Secure Blade PC And Secure Workstation

AUSTIN, Texas, May 10. ClearCube Technology, the leader in rack mounted secure workstations, blade PCs and centralized computing, today announced the launch of the R3040SS secure workstation blade and R3080DS secure blade PC, which deliver unprecedented network computer security, by utilizing the Intel Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions (AES-NI) for encryption acceleration and Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT).

The ClearCube R3040SS secure workstation blade and R3080DS secure blade PC incorporate the latest processor advancements from Intel that include AES-NI that facilitates full hardware-based AES acceleration. Therefore, organizations that rely on AES for data encryption can do so without the performance limitations. AES-NI is comprised of six new instructions that enhance overall encryption performance as well as guarding against side channel exploits. In software-only implementations of AES, side channels present a threat vector that can be utilized for attacks and represent significant risk of encryption key exposure. The new ClearCube secure blade workstations with Intel AES-NI eliminates that threat.

In addition, the ClearCube R3040SS secure workstation blade and R3080DS secure blade PC include Intel processors that are enabled with Intel TXT. The processor executes new SMX (Safer Mode Extensions) instructions, which generate a binary hash (a number generated by a formula) of all system software, including operating systems, applications and VMMs. The hash is performed in a secure area of the processor and the results are stored in the TPM. The new hash values are verified with the previous values before any software is allowed to start execution, thus preventing system tampering.

"With more than 345 million records containing sensitive information being compromised in security breaches since January of 2005, it is critical for enterprises to secure computing environments," said David Grawrock, Senior Principal Engineer and Security Architect at Intel. "Not only does ClearCube have the inherent security of placing the PC in the data center versus the desktop but they've also collaborated with Intel to deploy our latest security advancements in their blade workstations that mitigate many of the common threat vectors."

In addition to incorporating Intel's AES-NI and TXT into the architecture, ClearCube has included its patent-pending mass storage lockout capability in the R3080DS and R3040SS blade workstations. Mass storage lockout is a hardware security setting that prevents unauthorized storage devices from connecting to the ClearCube blade workstation.

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