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Cisco to Invest $10M

RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Cisco (NASDAQ:
CSCO) today announced an investment of $10 million to seed a
sustainable model of job-creation and economic development in the
Palestinian Territories. The three-year investment, made in
cooperation with the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud
Abbas, represents Cisco's continued commitment toward building
stronger and healthier global communities through strategic social

"Education and the Internet are the great equalizers and vital to a
sustainable, productive economy that increases the standard of living
for all," commented Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers. "It's a
core part of our culture to give back, but it's also a core strategy
of what drives our success in the regions of the world where we do
business. We make all our business decisions with 3-5 years in mind
and given our strong business momentum in the region, it's only
appropriate to make this investment into its economy and its people."

Cisco Systems Inc.