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Cisco Goes for Green IT

Cisco has thrown is weight firmly behind Green IT at its annual user event in Orlando, Fla., and also unveiled a number of software enhancements to its WAN optimization and switch offerings.

This morning, at the Cisco Live event, the vendor announced plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent, largely by overhauling its data centers and labs.

"Every corporation has a responsibility to help address climate change and to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment," said John Chambers, the Cisco CEO, during his keynote today. We believe we can significantly alter our greenhouse gas footprint and help our customers meet their sustainability goals."

Specifically, Cisco will be using a “virtual network” built from its own switching and virtualization technology to store data, and deploying “smart” power-distribution units that automatically shut down machines not in use.

The vendor is also piloting a software solution in its U.S. operation, which it claims can forecast how the rising cost of energy will affect IT operations and expenditures, as well as modeling energy reductions.

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