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Cisco Goes 4-Gig & Big

SAN DIEGO -- Storage Networking World -- Cisco is ready to roll with its MDS 9513, a 528-port director with 4-Gbit/s Fibre Channel support.

It's been more than three years since Cisco first disclosed plans for the box. (See Cisco's Sales Strategy Unclear.) Paul Dul, director of product management for Ciscos Fibre Channel switches, says he expects qualification from major storage vendors -- EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, and IBM -- to begin next month.

Along with the MDS 9513 chassis, Cisco launched new four new plug-in modules: 12-, 24-, and 48-port cards that support 4-Gbit/s, and a four-port 10-Gbit/s module for inter-switch links and SAN extension.

The new cards, as well as Cisco's existing cards, are forward- and backward-compatible with Cisco's three director chassis, including the ones predating the MDS 9513.

The modules expand the port capacities of the directors. The 48-port cards bring the port capability of the MDS 9509 from 224 to 336 ports, for instance, and the MDS 9506 from 128 to 192.

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