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Ciprico Announces Euro Partnerships

MINNEAPOLIS -- Ciprico Inc. (NASDAQ:CPCI), a leading provider of intelligent storage software, solutions and appliances, has entered into an agreement with Partners In Europe (PIE) to further develop the European market for the companys RAIDCore products. Ciprico selected Partners In Europe Group, headquartered in Shannon, Ireland, to develop sales, logistics handling and customer support for its RAIDCore add-in cards and software products.

“This new partnership will significantly increase Ciprico’s distribution capabilities in Europe, a key market opportunity for us,” said Steve Merrifield, president and CEO of Ciprico. “We believe that PIE’s experience and past success in these markets will dramatically increase Ciprico’s presence for our RAIDCore solutions in Europe.”

Ciprico’s new generation RAIDCore products include the recently announced RC5000 series of software RAID controller add-in cards that dramatically improve performance, functionality and system costs for Microsoft Windows or Linux based application or files servers, workstations and high end personal computers.

Said Kieran Sheahan, CEO of PIE: “We believe this is an excellent opportunity for both Ciprico and PIE. The depth and breadth of Ciprico’s RAIDCore product line combined with our sales and service capabilities open new avenues for growth for both our companies.”

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