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Chumash Casino Chooses Pivot3

SPRING, Texas - Pivot3 Inc, the inventor of high-definition storage based on distributed RAID, today announced that the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, Calif., has chosen the Pivot3 High-Definition Storage system for a state-of-the-art megapixel surveillance project. Nearly 500 terabytes – or a half a petabyte – of Pivot3 clustered storage is being deployed to support the bandwidth and capacity needs of Arecont Vision megapixel cameras installed in security-sensitive locations, including table games, cashiers’ windows and kiosks.

The Pivot3 storage is a clustered storage array, which aggregates capacity and bandwidth using the company’s RAIGE™ (RAID across Gigabit Ethernet ) technology. For large-scale centralized installations such as casinos, airports and railways, Pivot3 storage introduces a new level of system fault tolerance that eliminates planned downtime.

“Once you see the power of megapixel cameras supported by clustered storage, it is hard to settle for anything less,” said Mark Meske, director of surveillance and compliance at Chumash Casino Resort. “After a successful eight week trial, the decision for the new system was clear. Pivot3 helped us realize our vision of what a surveillance system should be capable of in an open-systems world.”

“We realize tremendous benefits from the Pivot3 solution because it simplifies the installation and maintenance of large-scale environments,” commented Scott Bartlett, CEO of Southwest Surveillance Systems, a leading integrator for the gaming market who participated in the Chumash Casino Resort project. “Instead of being locked into hundreds of physical configuration decisions for hundreds of RAID boxes, we can configure and manage Pivot3 clustered storage at a higher level and then change it at will, without disrupting the cameras. For integrators, this flexibility and higher availability reduce service costs dramatically.”

Pivot3 High-Definition Storage addresses the stringent needs of customers such as the Chumash Casino. High-Definition Storage must be able to scale to petabyte capacities seamlessly, offer massive bandwidth for hundreds to thousands of cameras, provide a simple management interface that eliminates the need for specialized storage skills, and, lastly, meet the cost-sensitive needs of the gaming markets.

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