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Chelsio Unveils Adapters

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Chelsio Communications, Inc., the leading provider of 10-Gigabit Ethernet adapters and ASIC solutions, today announced the industry's first 10Gb Ethernet adapter cards based on the new 10GBASE-T (IEEE 802.3an) standard interface for 10Gb transmission over Category 6 or Category 7 copper cabling. The first to offer the 10GBASE-T interface, Chelsio is further expanding its industry-leading portfolio of 10Gb Ethernet adapters, to deliver on the promise of the 'unified wire,' enabling the convergence of server networking, storage networking and cluster computing interconnects onto a single platform and a single fabric.

Chelsio is announcing two new 10Gb Ethernet cards, the S310e-BT storage adapter and the N310e-BT server adapter. Both cards offer a single dual-speed auto-negotiating 1GbE/10GbE port, and support the PCI-Express host bus interface. The dual speed feature allows an immediate upgrade of server interconnects to 10G, while preserving the interoperability with existing 1G switches, thereby decoupling the upgrade cycles of servers and switches. Chelsio's solutions are designed to operate within the allowed power envelope for a PCI-Express slot, without any additional power connector requirement.

Chelsio Communications Inc.