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Certifiable Security

It's not like we don't have enough acronyms floating around our industry--acronyms for standards, technologies, product designations, and professional certifications. Add to that list the group of acronyms and names for product certifications administered by various groups and the alphabet soup gets truly thick and meaty. After getting Yet Another Press Release (YAPR) touting a product that had received FIPS and Common Criteria certification, I decided to ask just why someone not in government service should care about these pieces of paper. I ended up talking with Tom Gilbert of Blue Ridge Networks about his experience with the certifications and the process to get them. Now, his company makes products that come complete with press releases announcing government-related certification, so he can't be called an entirely neutral source, but I thought tha the interview brought out a number of interesting points concerning certifications and whether (or why) you should care about them in private industry. the You can listen to the podcast here. After you do, drop me a note ([email protected]) to let me know whether product certifications are part of the criteria you use when choosing which products to purchase and deploy.

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