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CEOs Push US Technology

A coalition of high-tech chief execs, including Joseph M. Tucci, president and CEO of EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC), published a report this week to promote their agenda for improving U.S. presence in world technology.

Members of Computer Systems Policy Project call the report their first effort to discuss their vision of maintaining a U.S. lead in technology with Congress and the Bush administration. On their agenda is increased domestic funding for science and math education, the elimination of regulatory barriers to broadband networking, and more state-funded R&D.

"The economic and competitive challenges that U.S. industry and American workers face are real," said Tucci in a prepared statement. "The United States must be proactive on innovation, investment and improving education for American workers in order for U.S. companies to compete successfully in today's global marketplace."

Tucci is also a member of the Massachusetts Business Roundtable, an executive group that promotes public policy initiatives, including improved technology education.

Tucci and the other CEOs are not saying companies should back off from hiring foreign workers or moving assignments offshore as they see fit. Indeed, EMC continues to roll out centers for marketing, sales, and R&D worldwide, including in India (see EMC to Invest $100M in India), where a growing number of U.S. IT workers complain their jobs are being sent.

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