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Secretive startup CebaTech is developing compression and 10-Gbit/s offload technology that it claims will boost the performance of networked storage devices.

The Eatontown, N.J.-based firm plans to launch the first of its products, a piece of silicon for compressing and decompressing data, next month, with other offerings to follow later this year and in 2008.

CebaTech's technology, which it describes as CebaIP, is essentially a processor-style hardware core for protocol processing that can be built into CPUs and other chips. (See CebaTech Announces CebaIP.) "It's an enabling technology for companies that want to build data networking and storage products," says Joe Rash, a member of the firm's technical advisory board.

Although unwilling to divulge specifics, Rash explains that CebaTech's first product will use the GZIP algorithm for compressing and decompressing data, and will also offer optional encryption. This, he claims, will be the "highest performing, lowest cost" compression and encryption on the market, although he did not back this statement up with pricing or specific performance metrics.

A number of vendors are already playing in this space, notably StoreWiz, which recently upgraded its compression appliances with more CPU power and more efficient algorithms. (See Storewiz Bolsters Compression.) In the de-dupe space, vendors such as Data Domain, Diligent, and Quantum are also gaining momentum by focusing on archiving and backup. (See De-Dupe Vendors Shake Hands, Quantum Delves Deeper Into De-Dupe, and Analysis: Data De-Duping.

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