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CDP, The Next Chapter

When next you meet continuous data protection (CDP), you may not recognize it. Instead of being peddled as an enterprise curiosity, the technology is more likely to greet you as a smaller product that isn't necessarily named CDP.

This only makes sense. By itself, CDP has been a bone of contention among suppliers and a solution that's tough to afford for users, particularly for SMBs. (See Insider: CDP Streamlines Restoral and CDP: Calling It Right.)

"I don't see how a small business could afford CDP, though maybe somebody could argue with me about that," says Hal Weiss, systems engineer at Baptist Memorial Healthcare. "I don't see how they'd have the necessity for it."

CDP suppliers are out to change this perception, in part by making CDP part of other applications that organizations of all sizes are likely to buy. In recent news, Mimosa made CDP part of its NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server archiving package. (See Mimosa Adds Migration.) Mendocino and Revivio are touting tighter integration that puts CDP at the service of specific enterprise applications. FalconStor, Kashya, and others are linking CDP more tightly with SAN replicators. (See Users Push for CDP Shapeshift .)

The goal is to make CDP a springboard, not an end in itself.

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