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Caringo Unveils CAStor 2.0

AUSTIN, Texas -- Caringo, Inc. today announced a major evolution of its CAStor software that delivers the integrity of content-addressed storage (CAS) with the access and performance specs of primary disk storage, enabling continuous data availability of even deeply archived files.

CAStor 2.0 does away with the need for traditional storage tiers used for information lifecycle management systems where less frequently accessed are moved to lower-cost, lower-availability storage. In contrast, CAStor provides a flat, single-tier, massively scalable architecture that runs and scales on commodity hardware. While substantially lower in cost than traditional ILM, CAStor adds high availability and scalable reliability. Field-proven to keep records online and available on demand, CAStor 2.0 brings to market for the first time a way to deliver the speed of primary storage with the integrity of an active archive.

With this newly and significantly evolved edition, CAStor also adds asymmetric local and wide area replication to enhance its built-in disaster recovery, archiving and continuous data availability capabilities. Highly configurable, CAStor ensures that redundant preserved data resides on separate sub-clusters within the same site, or on a remote site.