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CA Backs IBM's z/OS v1.10

News Facts

  • CA (NYSE: CA) today announced "Day One" support for z/OS V1.10 across its extensive line of mainframe software solutions, continuing its long history of timely coordination with new releases of IBM System z operating systems.
  • CAs management solutions for z/OS V1.10 empower customers to take advantage of new z/OS functionality including its specialty processors, HiperDispatch, Extended Address Volumes (EAVs), hardware-assisted encryption and support for the latest security standards.
  • CA is supporting IBM z/OS V1.10 across more than 180 solutions in 18 functional categories. CA worked closely with IBM to ensure tight integration of its management solutions portfolio with z/OS V1.10. CA actively participated in IBM's Early Support Program for z/OS V1.10 by supporting select mutual customers through the installation of this new version of the operating system on CA’s z10 in its data center.

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