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Bycast Casts Out

4:35 PM -- Bycast, whose content-addressable storage (CAS) software is OEM'd by HP and IBM, is pushing out of its cocoon. The Canada-based software firm acknowledges that IBM has taken the first step toward extending Bycast's StorageGRID software beyond the healthcare vertical. (See IBM to Build on Bycast.)

"I think it's fair to say IBM is the first vendor to announce general-purpose storage for general-purpose archiving using StorageGRID," says Bycast CEO Moe Kermani.

Up to now, Bycast, which sells chiefly through OEM partnerships, operated only in medical imaging, mainly because that's where the opportunity was largest for its hardware-independent CAS software. Now, as archiving's profile increases, the situation has changed, and Bycast, which competes against startup Caringo in software-based CAS, is moving to a new level.

Bycast's StorageGRID software is the basis for a new package called the IBM System Storage Multilevel Grid Access Manager (GAM), designed as a platform for vertically integrated archiving solutions that include IBM hardware, software, and services. (Of course, there are no non-medical archiving solutions as yet, but clearly IBM thinks there will be later on.)

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