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Business Intelligence Software

Adobe Systems LiveCycle
New to Adobe's LiveCycle server platform, BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) gives you a view into each business process, improves document security and control, and lets you integrate data from paperwork. Its new workflow designs and more than 50 QPACs (Quick Process Action Components) provide an intuitive way to build applications that automate document processes. QPACs let you drag and drop steps, such as routing, e-mail notification or integration with a back-end system, into customized business processes. Additional workflow measurement and monitoring tools have been included.

Starts at $50,000. Adobe Systems, (866) 766-2256, (408) 563-6000.

DataMirror DB/XML Transform 3.0
DataMirror has introduced version 3.0 of DB/XML Transform, which helps business users by integrating data between XML, text, database and EDI file formats. New to this version is support for SOA integration; improved error reporting; enhanced platform support; and embedded database functions. DB/XML 3.0 lets you use multiple flat files as a source for a single business transaction before integrating that data into an application.

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