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Bus-Tech Supports Clustered SAN

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- Today, Bus-Tech, Inc., a leading supplier of data center connectivity products announced the upcoming support for clustered SAN support in the Mainframe Data Library (MDL); the revolutionary tape-on-disk controller for IBM and compatible mainframes. The MDL provides enterprise data centers with lower tape processing costs, improved end-user service levels, innovative disaster recovery alternatives, and the ability to include compliant storage in their mainframe environment.

This enhancement to the Mainframe Data Library allows fibre channel attached disks to be shared across multiple MDL Emulation Nodes. The feature provides each Emulation Node with two fibre channel data ports and software that manages the tape file access privileges. A SAN-attached MDL now has all the redundancy and high-availability characteristics previously available only for IP-attached storage implementations.

“Clustered SAN support provides the same high-availability environment for Storage Area Network implementations that had been previously available only in a Network Attached Storage implementation.” said Bus-Tech President Al Brandt. “Many of our customers have been seeking SAN support in the MDL product to take advantage of SAN’s speed and security features.”
Bus-Tech Inc.