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BOSaNOVA Upgrades Encryption

PHOENIX -- BOSaNOVA, Inc., the market leader in development of security solutions, thin clients and network appliances, today announces the release of a new model of its Q3 storage security encryption appliance Q3 Enterprise (Q3e.)

The new Q3e appliance is now available with user selectable AES-128 or AES-256 encryption modes and supports up to four tape drives. SCSI and Fibre units are available. The host and tape interface speeds have increased on both - 320 MB/second on SCSI and 4 Gbit/sec on Fibre channel. Encrypted throughput has also increased to 300 MB/second.

Providing complete security for backup tapes, the Q3e appliance is designed to be easy to use and non-intrusive. Installation takes only minutes and key management is strong, yet simple. For the highest level of security, each Q3e appliance includes a hardware encryption chip that is unique to each customer.

“The Q3 has filled a need in the market for a simple, secure, non-intrusive hardware encryption device for protecting backups. Our newest model now offers increased speed and allows users the flexibility to determine the encryption mode that is best for their environment,” says Martin Pladgeman, BOSaNOVA president. “We pride ourselves on always providing solutions that meet our customers' needs. Part of this commitment is the 90-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee we offer on all Q3 orders.”