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Blancco Targets Data Erasure

ATLANTA -- Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and end-of-lifecycle solutions, today announced the availability of Blancco Data Center Edition, secure data destruction that also enables safe reuse of hard drives in mass storage environments. The software can simultaneously erase more than 200 hard drives, offering a safe and cost-effective way to manage IT assets while meeting all major erasure standards for high-end server and storage area network (SAN) environments.

"In mass storage situations like data centers, disk erasure can pose a time and money burden for those tasked with safely reusing or disposing of assets without compromising sensitive data," said Mikko Koponen, product director for Blancco. "Blancco Data Center Edition solves these problems by providing an easy, one-run data destruction solution for media cabinets, while also ensuring standards compliance through data erasure certificates and detailed, auditable reports."

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