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BakBone Supports Oracle

SAN DIEGO -- BakBone Software (Pink Sheets:BKBO), a global provider of heterogeneous integrated data protection solutions, today announced version 5.0 of BakBone NetVault: Backup Application Plugin Module™ (APM) for Oracle and version 5.0 of BakBone NetVault: Backup Application Plugin Module (APM) for SQL Server. BakBone’s NetVault: Backup APMs significantly speed up data restores, reduce the risk of deployment, provide automatic integration with a wide range of backup devices and do not require end-users to learn the internals of Oracle or SQL Server databases. In addition, end-users have the benefit of multiple recovery scenarios including disaster recovery, isolated media failure and data corruption, from a single data protection strategy. NetVault: Backup APM for Oracle and NetVault: Backup APM for SQL Server seamlessly integrate with BakBone’s award-winning data protection software, NetVault: Backup, for central management of multi-platform data protection environments.

“With Oracle Database continuing to be the world’s leading relational database management system and Microsoft SQL Server being the world’s fastest growing relational database management system, it’s imperative that we provide flexible and reliable data protection solutions to Oracle and SQL Server customers,” said Jeff Drescher, director of product management at BakBone. “BakBone’s commitment to and experience in supporting Oracle and SQL Server platforms gives end-users looking to protect these environments the assurance that they have a proven, integrated data protection solution.”

NetVault: Backup APM for Oracle features both methods of Oracle database backup--user managed and RMAN based backups--to restore complete databases, individual tablespaces or individual data files faster and more reliably. User-managed backups provide greater simplicity for backups while RMAN based backups provide automatic backup and restore through a point-and-click GUI, without requiring users to learn Oracle database internals. NetVault: Backup APM for Oracle also features: full, differential and cumulative incremental backups; parameter, control file and archived redo log file backups; protection down to the data file level; point-in-time recovery; job scheduling; parallel backup support; and disaster recovery.

NetVault: Backup APM for SQL Server offers reliable and flexible data protection through online VDI and VSS backup methods. A point-and-click GUI eliminates scripting, and provides recovery of complete, partial databases or individual data files to help minimize downtime. NetVault: Backup APM for SQL Server also features: full and differential database and file backups; partial and differential partial database backups; incremental transaction and tail log backups; point-in-time restores; backup and restore checksums; protection down to the data file; job scheduling; and data restore to an alternate instance or standby server.

“Organizations looking to decrease the total cost of ownership of enterprise data protection should strongly consider an integrated approach,” said Mike Karp, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. “BakBone’s NetVault: Backup Application Plugin Modules extend the reach of data protection to critical applications under the umbrella of one integrated data protection solution. This approach to central administration for all backup and restore operations can help customers cut recovery time and maximize the value of their data protection solution.”

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