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Back in the saddle again

Sean Doherty is working on a review and taking advantage of our infrastructure. Sometime yesterday we lost all connectivity between our Cisco router and our provider's CPE. Turns out the router was running at 99% CPU utilization and was dropping packets faster than a well configured firewall fending off MSBlast.
After trying a few tricks, which did not help, I pulled every connection from the switch hoping to use process of elimination to find out where the errant packets were coming from. Everything went well until I plugged in our CRM machine.
Wham! The router became unresponsive and packets starting dropping. I unplugged it and all was normal after the queues cleared out.

So the CRM machine remains unplugged until we can determine what odd behavior was causing all this strange traffic and freaking out the Cisco router.
It sat at 30% CPU utilization until after we rebooted it, then returned to normal. No odd processes were discovered running - though that isn't a certificate of a clean bill of health.